I color corrected the ocean in the above photo for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Challenge Walk rack card. Here’s what the original photo looked like:


I increased the blue hue. Here’s what I did:

  1. Select the ocean.
  2. Increase the cyan channel in both the Levels and Curves adjustment layers.


Color correcting the image gives the rack card more visual punch and draws the eye in. The enhanced blue ocean contrasts nicely with the orange capes wore by the gals, leading our attention towards the action in the shot. This extra step can stimulate more viewer engagement with your photos for both print and web.

PS – Let’s cheer on the Challenge Walk MS walkers this weekend.


The National MS Society – Join the Movement®

Challenge Walk MS: San Diego – September 25-27
MS Dinner Auction: Hawaii – September 26
Bike MS: Irvine to San Diego – October 17-18 (Bay to Bay Tour)
Muckfest MS: Chino – October 25
MS Rockstars: San Diego – November 1
MS Dinner Auction: Coronado – November 21
Gordo Golf Tournament: Mission Viejo – January 17, 2016

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