neon heart

As Confucius once said,

“Wherever you go,
go with all your heart.”

Is your heart glowing as we approach Valentine’s Day? Here is a tutorial to create a Photoshop neon heart. Hope it illuminates you with love.

In Photoshop, set the background color to black.
Create a new Layer (1).
Put outline of a heart on Layer 1.
Right click/Duplicate Layer/Name it Layer 2
Right click/Duplicate Layer/Name it Layer 3 (Top Layer)
Hide original Layer 1

Layer 2

Blur Layer 2: Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur (10px)
Double click Layer 2

Outer Glow Layer 2:
neon layer 2 outer glow

Blend Mode: Linear Dodge
Opacity: 10
Size: 80px
Spread: 1
Range: 50

Layer 3

Click on Layer 3 (Top Layer)
Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur/Radius: 10

Layer 1

Click on Layer 1
Drag Layer 1 to the Top
Double click Layer 1
Under Advanced Blending, set Fill Opacity: 0

Outer Glow Layer 1:
neon layer 1 outer glow

Blend Mode: Color Dodge
Opacity: 50
Size: 50px
Range: 50

Inner Glow Layer 1:
neon layer 1 inner glow

Color Dodge
Opacity: 90
Size: 6
Range: 100
Source: Center

The Layers Palette should look something like this:

neon layers

Brighten your blog or website with this neon, web design inspiration effect.

For more inspiration, check out Heart and Love Logo Designs and Neon in Graphic Design.

(Tutorial adapted from: Learn Web Development)

 angry bird agloves

PS – Valentine Gift Ideas – Give your love bird an Angry Bird Flash drive. Or, keep mobile-device-tappin’ fingers warm with conductive gloves.

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