hotel Tomo Home

The Hotel Tomo uses Anime to set a fun, whimsical environment at the hotel and on their website. The Homepage has a rotating carousel displaying giant images of Anime-themed rooms.

hotel Tomo banner

hotel Tomo Book Now

A “Book Now,” call to action form, appears on every page of the website, making it easy to book reservations.

hotel Tomo Mums

The Mums Restaurant page gives you menu items, reservation information, and restaurant hours. Notice the Anime on the TV screen?

hotel Tomo Meetings

The Meetings page describes amenities found in the meeting rooms. Play Anime style games on Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3.

Find inspiration in Anime to give your website a quirky, modern, Japanese pop culture feel.

PS – Thank you “Anonymous Friend,” for telling me about this awesome Anime hotel. Are you reading this post? Keep on gamin’!

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