asiani nspired websites

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Asian inspired restaurant websites targeted to the non-Asian. Let’s take a look at some home pages, menus and logos.

Noodle World

noodle world homepage

The Noodle World homepage grabs attention with a sophisticated black and red gradient background, and a model enjoying noodles.

noodle world menu

The Noodle World menu uses bold fonts for easy readability.

Panda Express

panda express homepage

panda express homepage2

Panda Express invites viewers to a Chinese New Year celebration.

panda express menu

The Panda Express menu gives a description and huge image of the food item, along with nutritional information.

PF Chang’s

pf changs homepage

PF Chang’s homepage entices with a visual appealing sessional menu and cocktails.

pf changs menu

The PF Chang’s menu reflects the upscale, full service restaurant experience.

Pick Up Stix

pick up stix homepage

The Pick Up Stix homepage offers fresh salad options.

pick up stix menu

The Pick Up Stix menu uses a clean, straightforward layout, including images of popular dishes.

Pei Wei

pei wei homepage

The Pei Wei homepage uses green and orange colors to emphasize freshness. Furthermore, each food dish contains a bit of greenery.

pei wei menu

The Pei Wei menu page utilizes an interactive slider to select and learn about chosen items.

noodle world logo

panda express logo

pf changs logo

pf changs logo2

Pick Up Stix Logo

pei wei logo

All the logos in this case study use black, red or gold to portray an Asian feel. All of the logos are comprised of stylized line art and fonts, only hinting an Asian look. These restaurants want to attract the general public, so, simple, clean, straightforward logo design wins over extremely exotic or ethnic looks.

Do you have an ethnic based website, but want to appeal to a broader user base? What can you do to scale to a global audience?

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