letters to juliet

Letters to Juliet, a cute, sweet movie, reveals insights into finding true love. Sophie, the main character, travels to Italy to experience adventure and romance.  This website uses a background image of Sophie, love letters and the Italian countryside to convey the feel of the movie. A lightbox displays the content of the website, while the background remains static. When you click, “Buy Now,” a separate page pops up, the only time you are guided away from the main page.

henrys market

Henry’s Market (now Sprouts) sells farm fresh, local produce and other grocery items at a very reasonable price. You can find Henry’s Markets in the Southern California area. This website uses a background image to display a cheerful farm scene. It captures the feel of the stores. A signpost functions as the navigation for this site. A blackboard, in the center of the page, displays all content, with use of a vertical scroll bar. The background image remains static throughout your visit to this site.

Background images convey the feel and character of a site. Use them when you have an image-oriented product to sell. Be careful though, depending on the bandwidth, background images may load slowly, potentially causing disinterest in the site.


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