fresh and easy home b

fresh and easy home a

For ecological web design inspiration, look to the Fresh and Easy website.

To grab your attention, the Fresh and Easy homepage displays interior and exterior photos of the grocery store on a slider. The photos try to capture the ecologically friendly feel of the stores. The website uses green as the primary color, to drive home the ecological theme of the business.

fresh and easy who

The Who We Are page describes the green, energy-efficiency of the stores and includes a list of ecological values that Fresh and Easy incorporate into their business. A video explains the Fresh and Easy ecological stance in an entertaining, informative manner.

fresh and easy whats new

The What’s New page provides quick and easy-to-read snapshots of Fresh and Easy news. An ecologically friendly reusable bag receives top billing on this page.

fresh and easy locations

The Where We Are page features an interactive multi-state map that links to Google Maps for detailed location information.

fresh and easy logo


The Fresh and Easy logo portrays a stop watch with a leaf on it. The leaf represents freshness and ecology, while the stop watch symbolizes time saving and efficiency.

If you need to stylishly convey an ecological brand identity, turn to Fresh and Easy for web design inspiration. And, to further the ecological theme, click: Eco-Friendly Websites.

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