jamba juice blog
Spring brings, freshness as new leaves appear, flowers bloom and the air feels fresh and clean. Find web design inspiration from the Jamba Juice website, which reflects freshness. The Jamba Juice Homepage features blog posts with fresh, colorful graphics to attract the eye.

jamba juice menu
On the Menu page, rollover the name of your freshly made smoothie for ingredients and nutritional information.

jamba juice programs

Bright, bold, fresh graphics highlight Community Programs.

jamba juice brand

An old book reveals Jamba Juice’s Brand Story in a visually fresh way.

jamba juice philosophy

Fresh, descriptive, decorative words fill a graphic on the Product Philosophy page.

jamba juice logo

Fresh colors represent a blender whirl – the Jamba Juice logo

Jamba Juice uses spring colors (orange, yellow, green, blue) and eye catching graphics to give a fresh look and feel to their site. Can you use this example to bring freshness to your website or blog?

PS – Jamba Juice accepts Google Wallet payments and discounts. Can you incorporate mobile payments into your web designs?

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