corner bakery home catering

I like the creative use of serif, san serif, script and decorative type on the Corner Bakery website. Combined with vivid food images, these fonts give the Homepage a fun feel. Take a look at more fun font combinations:

corner bakery home shake

corner bakery home tart

corner bakery ecafe sign up

The eCafe Sign Up page displays fun font combinations, encouraging participation.

corner bakery careers

Fun font combinations on the Career page, convey whimsey and a bit of unconventionality, attracting employees embodying that spirit.

corner bakery Location sign

The Location Finder, with it’s fun font combinations, conveniently appears on every page of the website.

corner bakery logo

The Corner Bakery logo combines serif and san serif fonts to project a handcrafted, whimsical, down-home, fun feel.

Can you inspire your website with fun font combinations? And, on another note: Do cafes inspire web design inspiration and conversation? Do you prefer cafe or online chats?


Social Networking in the 1600s – NY Times
Font Pairings 1

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