chipotle home

Chipotle emphasizes their green, environmental stance throughout their website. On the homepage, a catchy headline alerts the viewer and leads them to click to the Mission Statement. Also, note the iPhone ordering App – a nice mobile integration.

chipotle mission-statement

On the “Food With Integrity” page, you will find the company Mission Statement, along with video and interactive tabs containing further information regarding respect for animals, people and the environment.

chipotle menu

The Menu page has a photo slider which displays eye popping graphics and a brief description of each food item.

chipotle contest

In October 2011, Chipotle held an eco-friendly, Halloween themed contest. Contests and give-aways keep customers engaged and involved.

chipotle video

A professionally produced, stop-motion video animates Chipotle’s philosophy and vision pertaining to sustainable agriculture. The video features the song, “Scientist,” by Coldplay and sung by Willie Nelson. It can be purchased on iTunes. Many people share videos and music, which can virally spread a message.

Do you need ideas on how to promote the green scene? Find web design inspiration with Chipotle – a fast food company with an environmentally-friendly conscious.

PS – Are you going to watch the Super bowl? Enjoy the game along with some environmentally-friendly, good eats!

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