norms Homepage

Inspired by the 1950’s futuristic space trend, the Norm’s Restaurant homepage has a banner comprised of Googie architectural images.


norms about

The Norm’s About page describes Googie history.


norms Locations

Norm’s has 17 Locations in the Southern California area, influencing the Googie landscape.

Gift Cards

norms Gifts

Norm’s offers Googie Gift Cards. Also, note: Open 24/7 and WiFi – great place for web design all-nighters.


norms Eclub

Nothing says Googie better than high-tech, cyberspace E-club membership.

In addition to Googie web design inspiration, the typography really stands out on the Norm’s website. The bold header (headline) text contrasts nicely with the regular body text. Consider typography when designing websites.


norms Other googie

Here are a few local shots of Googie architecture. What do you think of the high tech, space-aged Googie aesthetic? Can you incorporate Googie into your web design projects? Can you spot Googie design on your summer road trip?


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