juice it up Home 2013

Get your creative juices flowing by visiting the Juice it Up website. The Juice it Up Homepage uses juicy, colorful graphics to grab attention.

juice it up Ambassador

Using social media, Katie, the Juice it Up Brand Ambassador, encourages you to “live life juiced.”

juice it up Locations

Get juiced up with Google Maps on the Location page. Notice the “Raw Juice Bar” option. (Nice!)

juice it up Eclub

The eClub page offers free smoothies, discounts, and promos. What juicy deals! Oh, and I love the ginormous user-friendly “Sign Up,” button!

juice it up Events

As part of the local scene, the Community & Events page tells you where Juice it Up will be.

juice it up Logo

The Juice it Up logo uses a blender whirl as an exclamation point, expressing the excitement and energy that blended smoothies and juices create. The concise tagline, “live life juiced,” describes the company’s unique selling point and philosophy.

Can you use the juicy details of this site as web design inspiration? Could you use a Brand Ambassador to start juicy conversations involving your website or product? Could a Brand Ambassador bring more Google link juice to your site?

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