macaroni grill home

Whet your appetite and web design inspiration with the Macaroni Grill website. The home page displays large, full-screen images on a carousel, delighting the eye with tempting food images.

The company logo on the top of the page, set in a white half-oval, captures attention and reminds you of the website’s owner and content.

macaroni grill contest

At the time of this screenshot, Macaroni Grill advertised a contest, prominently, on their home page. Bold colors and graphics intrigued and prompted you to click and investigate the contest further. Contests and Free Give-Aways keep customers coming back for more.

macaroni grill menu

Macaroni Grill has new menu items featured on their website. On the Menu page, photos of delicious looking food fill the background and remain static, while you scroll through the menu items. The footer remains static, as well, keeping the location finder readily available.

macaroni grill loation

The Location page has easy navigation with large buttons and form fields. The simplistic layout of the page invites you to find a restaurant near you, with a click of a button.

Overall, Macaroni Grill has a nice site with simple navigation, stunning graphics and useful information. That’s it for now. Ciao, time to Chow!


PS – Oh, and Have a Happy Lunar New Year!
(Image Source: NASA)

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