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Frank Lloyd Wright once said,

“Study nature,
love nature,
stay close to nature.
It will never fail you.”

The majestic beauty of the great outdoors inspires the soul and creative mind. The REI Project website contains awe-inspiring outdoor photographs for every minute of the day. Submit photos to this collection and they will be placed in the timeline, according to the time they were shot. Share, or experience others’ magical minute outdoors. Take a look:

rei am817
8:17am – The sun says, “Good Morning,” as it peaks through the clouds.

rei am1034
10:34am – A man stand on ancient ruins.

rei pm250
2:50pm – A turtle enjoys an afternoon swim.

rei pm648
6:48pm – The sun calls it a day and begins to set.

rei pm812
8:12pm – Yoga meditation.


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PhotoFunia – Photo fun

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