polynesian cultural center

The Polynesian Cultural Center uses the torn edge effect to give a tribal, ancient feel to their website.

The Top

At the top of the page, a Flash banner features the main attractions with animated text and photos.

In the upper left corner of the site, a “Sign Up Now,” link captures contact information for mailing list purposes.

Links to the various ticket packages are conveniently located in the upper portion of the site, as well. They are clearly labeled and organized in a straightforward manner, making it easy for the user to find and purchase tickets.

The Left

The left side, often the “go-to” spot of a homepage, provides handy, easy-to-find links for ticket purchases, park information and resources.

The Center

Bullet points in the center of the site describe the park’s activities with informative and video links.

The Right

The right side of the site contains a special promo area. Many times discount offers entice viewers to make quick, impulse purchases.


Overall, this site presents useful information, easy purchasing options and discount offers in a friendly, visually appealing environment.


Hope this site gives you inspiration and ideas for your site.

Call To Action

Oh, and if you are in Hawaii, catching some killer winter waves, visit the Polynesian Cultural Center for sweet, Hawaiian goodness (luau and show).

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