nichole williams web designer

Nichole Williams, an Australian web designer, shows simple elegance in her primarily white website. White symbolizes purity, cleanliness and modern minimalism. Apple computer also uses a white motif in their website and products, inspiring a color trend.

A photographic banner, consisting of mostly blue and black, contrasts nicely to the white background of this site. The image displays motion, drawing the eye’s attention.

Blue headline text jumps out from the main content, adding additional contrast to the stark background.

Four graphic icons visually express the services provided, giving visitors a quick and easy way to figure out the purpose of this site, in a few seconds.

This site has a nice, friendly, professional, and harmonious feel. The content gives the impression that the owner has taste, competence, and technical abilities to solve web design issues.

Let this site inspire your web designs and use it as something to aspire to!

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