montgomery ward 1895

Mail order catalogs have come a long way. In 1744, Benjamin Franklin sold scientific and academic books through the first US mail order catalog. In 1872, Montgomery Ward hit the catalog scene. Fast forward to today where we have a multitude of e-commerce sites and online catalogs.

google Catalogs App

google Catalog categories

Categories include: Women’s Fashion, Gadgets, and Home

google Catalog Anthropolgie

A peek inside an Anthropologie catalog

To help organize, share, and facilitate catalog browsing, Google Catalogs comes to the rescue. The App enables you to choose your favorite e-catalogs and keep them all in one place. My favs are Madewell, J.Crew, and Anthropologie.

google Catalog collage

My collage of favorite clothes found in various catalogs

With the Google Catalogs App, you can create collages of your favorite items, ideas, and future purchases. I created this “Cute Clothes” collage. You can make your collage public on the web, or share it via email.

Can online catalogs and the Google Catalogs app inspire your web designs?

Update 8/2/2013: Google catalog is now available for desktop only.

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