spring 2013

As Ellis Peters once said,

“Every spring is the only spring –
a perpetual astonishment”

Here’s a short tutorial on Adobe Illustrator CS6 Pattern Creation. Inspire a banner for your blog or website with a spring pattern.

pattern shape

Create Shapes and group them
Select the group of shapes
Go to: Object/Pattern/Make

pattern options

Name the Pattern
Play with the tiling, size the tile to the art board, and change the number of copies.
Save a Copy/Done. This saves a Pattern Swatch.

pattern swatch

Draw a rectangle or any shape you want to fill with a pattern. Select it. Go to the Swatch palette. Click on the desired pattern swatch (You now have a pattern fill).
To edit a pattern: Double click the swatch
Resize your shapes, move your shapes, change the colors of your shapes.
Click Save a Copy and Done. Choose to update your pattern or create a new pattern swatch.

Here are a few patterns that I created:

pattern sample finish

birds pattern Sample

spring flowers Sample

This Pattern Creation tool can be used to create wrapping paper, cell phone covers, website backgrounds, computer wallpaper, or fancy text fills. The possibilities never end. How do you use the Pattern Creation tool?

Sell your patterns as cell phone covers:

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