sketchbook and calendar

I’m often intrigued by the artistic process. For me, I use sketchbooks and post-it notes to keep me organized.

sketchbook sketches

Before starting a project, I’ll make a quick sketch in my sketchbook of the vision I have in my mind. Then, I’ll fine tune my idea on the computer.

sketchbook inspiration

I also use my sketchbook to collect inspiring design samples.

postit notes

Besides my sketchbook, I use post-it notes, adhered to my go-everywhere pocket calendar, to jot down my to-do list and inspired ideas.

I like post-it notes because:

  • the small size auto-edits my thoughts into concise action points.
  • the physicality assures me that my notes are safe from accidental deletion, hacks or computer glitches.
  • the reliability and security of knowing that loss of information is my fault.
  • the simple, organic transmission between mind, body and paper feels spiritual.
  • the immediacy enables me to quickly jot down ideas without clicking buttons.
  • the satisfaction of crossing off an item, prompts immediate implementation.

So, despite the high tech digital tools available, I’m still a pen and paper/post-it note gal when it comes to organizing my thoughts, ideas and inspirations. So, that’s my process in a nutshell, or should I say post-it note. What tools do you use to organize your ideas and inspirations?


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