puppet warp

Have you ever had a photo in which you wanted to change the head tilt of the model? You can do this, without an additional photo shoot by using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Puppet Warp. Hope this tool inspires your web design projects. Here is a quick tutorial lesson for you:

  1. Go to Edit/Puppet Warp
  2. Add 8 pins around the model’s shirt. This will keep the shirt in place, while the head tilts back.
  3. puppet warp pins

  4. Select the pin at the nape of the neck. A black dot will indicate it’s selected.
  5. Press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac).
  6. A large circle and curved double arrow appears. Rotate the head backwards.
  7. Press Enter or Return.
  8. puppet warp rotate

Bonus: Animated GIF Tutorial

puppet warp animate

  1. Go to Windows/Animation
  2. Go to Animation Frames at the bottom of screen.
  3. Put elements that you want to display on Frame 1 by selecting the eye tool (on the Layers palette) next to the corresponding elements.
  4. Do the same for Frame 2, as illustrated in the image above.
  5. Select 1 second on each frame, using the drop down menu.
  6. Go to File/Save for Web & Devices.
  7. Save as GIF.

Photo and tutorial adapted from Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Classroom in a Book

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