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I tried a really fun Photoshop sand writing tutorial. The sand in my photo did not have much grainy texture, so the results do not look authentic – like that of the tutorial. If you would like to try your hand at it, here some excerpts from the tutorial:

Sand Writing Tutorial Excerpts

  1. Create the Text: Type Text
  2. Change the text layers Blend Mode to Soft Light then duplicate it.
  3. Style the Text Layers: Double click the original text layer to apply an Inner Shadow effect.
  4. Play with the Angle, Distance and Size.
  5. Double click the copy text layer to apply Bevel and Emboss/Inner Bevel.
  6. Create the Outer Edges’ Brush and Stroking the Text: Right-click any text layer and choose Create Work Path.
  7. Create a new layer on top of all layers, call it 1, and pick the Brush Tool.
  8. Adjust Brush Tip Shape and Shape Dynamics.
  9. Pick the Direct Selection Tool (A), Stroke Path with Brush.
  10. Modify the Edges’ Stroke: Command-click the brush stroke layer to create a selection.
  11. Go to Select > Modify > Contract, and type in 3.
  12. Go to Select > Modify > Feather, and type in 2
  13. Turn off the layer.
  14. Select the Background sand layer, Command-J to duplicate the selection to a new layer. It will be called Layer 1. Drag Layer 1 on top of all layers.
  15. Style the Modified Stroke: Double-click Layer 1 to apply Bevel & Emboss/Inner Bevel:
    Highlight Mode: Soft Light #ffe1ba
    Shadow Mode: Linear Burn #d0c1ab.
    Select Contour: Default.
    Select Texture: Nature Pattern/Spiky Brush.

You now have basic writing in sand.

For a more detailed tutorial go to: How to Write in the Sand with Adobe Photoshop

arbonne ait sand writing us eng sp

Arbonne US English and US Spanish email

arbonne ait sand writing au pl

Arbonne Australia and Poland email

Here’s how an Arbonne email collaboration turned out. My colleague created the sand writing and I put together the rest of the layout with localized and translated copy for: US English and US Spanish; Australia; Poland; Canada English and French; and the UK.

What will you create with this sand writing effect?

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