I have often heard that changing your routine keeps the brain active and stimulated, juicing up creativity. One day, I ventured to Habuya for some authentic Okinawan light bites. Did you know Okinawans live the longest on earth? Anyways, here’s my changed up dinner that day:

1 peanut tofu

Peanut tofu

2 egg omlette with eel

Egg omlette with eel and bitter melon

3 sukiyaki croquette

Sukiyaki croquette

4 sausage with shishito peppers

Sausage with shishito peppers

5 natto parfeit

Natto parfeit

Inside Habuya:

habuya wall decor

Habuya wall decor

habuya wall menu items

Habuya wall menu items

Soon after my dining adventure, I tried these foods for the first time:

dried hibiscus

Dried hibiscus




black bean sauce noodles

Black bean sauce noodles

indian food

New Indian food restaurant

new orleans king bread

New Orleans King Bread

Try something different for a change: use your mouse with a different hand; take a different route to work; or change your web design theme. Have fun!

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