first shot 3

I’d like to share my first photos that I took with my new Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera. I experimented with the manual settings (F-Stop, Shutter Speed and ISO) to shoot these home life photos.

first shot t2

The light and dark values of backyard rocks caught my eye.

first shot 1

Afternoon tea with lemon inspired this shot.

Some bloopers:

first shot 5 too dark

Too dark.

first shot 4 orange cast

Orange cast.

first shot 6 oops

Opps! Not enough light coming into the camera.

My feelings:

I feel like a serious, professional photographer carrying around this magnificent piece of machinery, complete with detachable optical lens, touch screen display, and computerized sensor. Any photo shot in a not-so glorious manner, renders shame. I can relate to Luke Skywalker getting his first lightsaber. I will need lots of practice.

How about you? Do you own a DSLR camera? Were you intimidated by it, at first? Do you shoot photos for your website? Or, do you prefer stock photos?

As for me, original photos add a personal touch to my website, but stock photos come in handy for specific needs.

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