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From Rush’s, “Limelight”:

All the world’s indeed a stage,
And we are merely players,
Performers and portrayers,
Each another’s audience
Outside the gilded cage.

What does it take to be an icon? Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung suggest that archetypical heroes derive from the collective unconscious, representing characteristics in all of us. Can you relate to the pop icon, Street Art images that I photographed on Melrose Avenue? Do they resonate with your soul?

street art melrose pop

street art melrose pop2

street art melrose pop4

gods and heroes Getty museum

Speaking of icons, gods and heroes, the Getty Museum has an exhibit titled, “Gods and Heroes: European Drawings of Classical Mythology,” showing from November 19, 2013 – Feburary 9, 2014. Compare how gods and heroes were depicted in the past with my street art pop icon photos.

LA liber amicorum

Furthermore, check out LA Liber Amicorum (Getty Black Book), a collection of unique letterforms, characters, and themes by 143 LA Street artists inspired by Liber Amicorum (Book of Friends) and the calligraphy, symbolism and color of Renaissance illuminated manuscripts. Do you see similarities?

The Getty also offers free downloads of artwork from their collection, through the Open Content Program. Wow! The Getty inspires with innovative programs and curation.

What can you do to bring innovative programs and curation to your website? Do gods, heroes, or icons inspire your web designs?


The J. Paul Getty Museum Highlights of the Collections HD for iPad – Toura Limited

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