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As stated by Mashable, “2013 is the year of Responsive Web Design.” A responsive web design uses relative sizing units like percentages or em’s, rather than absolute units like pixels or points. One website layout sizes automatically across different device and computer screens.

responsive web Design Firefox Firebreak

To aid in finding the breakpoints of your responsive web design, Firefox offers a web developer add-on tool, called, Firebreak. This tool allows you to view your responsive web design, in the browser, at different screen sizes.

responsive web Design Media queries

Another helpful tool, the MediaQueri website, displays responsive design samples to inspire your creations.

So, will you design a responsive website in 2013? What percentage of your viewers use mobile devices to access your website? Do you want the ease of one layout, enhancing the user experience on different screen sizes?


Firebug – Firefox web developer add-on tool to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the browser.
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Packery – Automated responsive layout library

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