kate moss by EnikOne

This spectacular interpretation of the Kate Moss image, created by street artist, EnikOne, represents the growing popularity of urban, graffiti art.

Have you noticed that many youth focused websites have urban grunge themes and graffiti-like typefaces?

This trend  inspired MOCA, the  Museum of Contemporary Art  in Los Angeles, to showcase some of today’s most exciting street and graffiti artists, giving a history and account of their work. The exhibit, Art in the Street, runs from April 17 – August 8, 2011.

To get the inside scoop, clickwowdesigns sat down with local street artist, EnikOne to chat.

Why is street art so popular these days?

I think street art has always been popular in some subcultures. But, with the Internet and the Banksy documentary, it’s been pretty sad. Now, everyone believes they can do “street art.” The truth is, not everyone should do things because they saw it in a movie or think it’s “cool”.

What does street art mean to you?

I believe “street art” is exactly that…art in the street. I think some artists feel that some messages need to be seen out in the open. You have to admit driving by someone’s new art piece is much more pleasant then a grey, cement wall.

How do you justify street art?

I don’t feel the need to justify street art, its not a bad thing. Its art. Other countries and cultures in the world embrace street art. In Brazil, they actually prefer it, rather then have depressing brown, grey or dirty walls. That is the difference between the US and other countries. In the US we have a constant, uninvited bombardment of advertisement. Is it okay for someone to pay someone else, for something I have to look at? That makes no sense. I have no choice. I have to look at some ad, selling me something that’s probably not good for me (or society). However, if  I place some art for free, that I’m risking my freedom for…that might be inspiring, thought provoking, or just plain simple and beautiful to see…and some say that’s wrong?  Hmmmm…. I don’t think I need to justify art. Wait, was that what your were asking me?

Which street artists inspire you?

Too many to list. But, my friends that I worked with in the past, push me forward.

What music are you listening to (3 artists)?

Right now, on my play list this morning: DJ Kutmah, The Drums, Devin the Dude.

What book do you recommend for inspiration?

“The Pursuit of Perfect  – How to Stop Chasing and Start Living a Richer, Happier Life,” by Tal Ben-Shahar

How does the computer aid you in the design process?

It makes things easier: less materials wasted on things that don’t work, or I don’t like… in a click of a button. Also, I can collaborate with other artists anywhere in the world. I also plan things out with mock-ups. But, in the end, the real art you can touch and feel, is what I like the most.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

Everyday life, my family, the world around me. Growing up and living in the neighborhood I live in, makes you appreciate life. Things happen fast, and people are just trying to survive. Sometimes stopping and seeing things, how they really are around us, can teach us lessons in life that are sometimes missed. I try to take that moment and give it back to the world. Peace.

There you have it! Thanks EnikOne.

It seems most people – artists with their paintbrush, web developers with their code, accountants with their spreadsheets, mothers with home-cooked meals – find joy in creating. In general, people get a kick out of sharing something – a piece of themselves – and making the world a little better.

The MOCA exhibit has raised controversy in Los Angeles. Some people think street artists should be honored and respected for their form of expression. Others think these artists are, “criminals,” defacing public property at tax payers’ expense. What do you think? Care to comment?

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