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It’s Back to School season. Do you need to buy software for any of your classes? uscollegebuy.com offers student or faculty discounts on software by Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec, and others. Up to 80% off! Whatta deal!

Update: 4/21/2016 – The website posted above, and it’s content has changed to: www.cland.com/education/. The following information is now outdated.

How to order:

1. Create an account (first time customer), or login with username/password.

2. STUDENTS: Send in student verification documentation for a participating school (any one of the following):
a. Student photo I.D. with a sticker validating it for the current term – front and back copy
b. Any form of photo ID AND dated current class schedule
c. Any form of photo ID AND dated letter of enrollment in the current term on school letterhead

FACULTY/STAFF EMPLOYEES: Send in employment verification proof (any one of the following):
a. Photo ID AND official, current institution paycheck stub (you may block personal information)
b. Photo ID AND official letter on school letterhead verifying employment

All documents can be submitted
* by fax to 408-519-3260 or
* by e-mail to [email protected]

3. Receive e-mail from ComputerLand that verification is accepted.

4. Once verification is complete, you can order online for 1-year by logging into your account.

5. You will receive a media kit that includes the installation CD or DVD, a coupon code, and instructions to activate the license.

6. Register and activate product online at www.adobe.studentlicensing.com


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