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genius ultra before after overlay

I mocked up an overlay that depicted a gallery of Arbonne Before and After Genius Ultra results.

Although, I collaborated with teammates on this project, this never made it to the web. But, I gained insight into overlay design and appreciate the experience.

arbonne nutrition us 2016

USA email before and after collaboration

To avoid scary nightmares, when using Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects and Replace Contents, be sure your smart object is embedded in your document and not a linked smart object – linked to images on the server. If it is linked and you make changes to the smart object, it will change on all linked files on your server. Opps! Sorry! 😱 Read Full Article →

arbonne floral logo

My journey has taken me to Arbonne, a natural skincare, health and beauty company. I find respite at Arbonne after trials and tribulations of other freelance gigs. I feel encouraged to be my best self and offer web-graphics-wow to Arbonne’s online, internet marketing department. Read Full Article →