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Last year Southern California experienced a wet winter. The rain alleviated the drought and cleansed the air. Will we do another rain dance this year and collectively hope for rain? Here are some images of rain that I took with my iPhone and edited in Photoshop: Read Full Article →


If you have an e-commerce website, trains probably play a vital role in your product distribution. In another era, humans toiled and sacrificed to lay down tracks, establishing the vast web of interconnecting train lines across America. To this day, we use the rail system to transport goods and people from city to city, coast-to-coast. I’ve always been fascinated by trains, often counting the cars between the engine and caboose. Read Full Article →

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If a groundhog sees his shadow on groundhogs day, it means winter will persist for six more weeks. If no shadow appears, spring will arrive early. This concept never made sense to me. But, inspired by shadows, here is a film noir photo that I shot using the ProCam iPhone app, along with the Vintique app to give it more contrast. I gave light to the darkside, playing with highlights and shadows. Read Full Article →