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“Through synchrodestiny, you can finally become the person
the universe intended you to be—
as powerful as desire, as creative as spirit.
All it takes is an eagerness to
join the cosmic dance, and a willingness
to seek the miracles of the soul.”

In the book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Deepak Chopra discusses meaningful coincidences that provide glimpses to infinite possibilities and your soul’s true calling. Chopra suggests opening up to coincidences (the universe’s messages to you) because they may lead to opportunities of a lifetime. Transcend daily life and live in the realm of the wondrous. Let coincidences guide you on your web design journey and life’s destiny. Decode the messages that coincidences deliver, and set your web design goals and intentions accordingly. Do you ever encounter coincidences that nudge you in the direction of success? Does coincidence open doors for you? Has a chance encounter, miraculously, changed your life?

Here are a few quotes from the book, presented with incredible Monkey Orchid images. Enjoy!


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“With time and practice,
you will learn to see the world
in ways you never thought possible –
full of magic and miracles,
fulfilling your heart’s every desire.”

Deepak Chopra will speak at the Center for Spiritual Living, in Irvine, on Sept. 30. Get Inspired!

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