tilt shift banner

Inspire your blog or website with a Tilt Shift (miniature model) Adobe Photoshop CS6 effect. Here’s a tutorial to create a Tilt Shift Effect:

    tilt shift original

  1. Start with a photo
  2. tilt shift menu

  3. Go to: Filter/Blur/Tilt Shift
  4. From the Tilt Shift palette, adjust Blur and Distortion.
  5. From the Blur Effects palette, adjust Bokeh and Light Range.
  6. tilt shift panel

  7. On your photo, the 2 solid lines indicate the point where the blur starts.
  8. The 2 dashed lines indicate the blur fade.
  9. Make adjustments to your liking.
  10. Hit OK or enter and enjoy your Tilt Shift Effect.

(Photo by: clickwowdesigns)

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