adobe illustrator scale tool

You may not want to use your bathroom scale till after the Thanksgiving holiday, but you can use the Adobe Illustrator CS5 Scale Tool now.

Here’s a tip to get proportional vector scaled images:

  1. Start with a vector drawing
  2. Use the Adobe Illustrator Scale Tool (S) with “Scale Strokes & Effects” checked.
    This will enable you to scale stroke widths and fills proportionally.
  3. adobe illustrator scale tool palette

  4. Check out what happens with and without this tool checked. Without the tool (Scale Stokes and Effects Off), strokes and fills enlarge and thicken, changing the appearance of the turkey feathers. With Scale Strokes and Effects On, the image remains intact and proportionally scaled.
  5. adobe illustrator scale tool compared

    Let the Adobe Illustrator Scale Tool inspire your designs. Oh, and Have a Happy Thanksgiving – Remember to thank those you love for existing in your life!

    PS – To burn off extra Holiday Calories, try walking.

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