how to find a job

Whether you recently graduated from school, or got laid-off, looking for a job is hard work. Based on my experience, here are some tips to ease your job search:

  1. Join LinkedIn, with a professional photo and bio.
  2. Network with friends, relatives, and strangers without “unemployment shame”.
  3. Attend industry events, seminars and meet-ups.
  4. Go to job fairs with updated resume and appearance.
  5. Put your keyword-rich resume and profile on job search sites such as Indeed, Monster, Career Builder and Behance.
  6. Contact a job placement agency like the Creative Group, the Creative Circle or Vitamin T.
  7. Do volunteer work, internship or freelance to fill the gap between jobs.
  8. Stay active by attending church or having a hobby.
  9. Take classes to brush up on your skills or gain new ones.
  10. Rehearse aloud standard interview questions.
  11. Visit the local unemployment office and participate in seminars or networking opportunities.
  12. Take a part-time job while you look for full time employment.
  13. Sell things online through Amazon, Craigslist, Ebay or Etsy for extra spending money.
  14. Have a garage sale and mention to your neighbors about your job status.
  15. To gain experience, barter your job skills with someone who can offer another service you need.
  16. Apply to companies of choice directly on their website.
  17. Go to the career center at your local college.
  18. Understand that you may have to start out with a lower salary than expected.
  19. Sign up for health insurance.
  20. Keep a high credit score, since many companies do a credit check as part of the hiring process.
  21. Read industry news and blogs.
  22. Participate in online communities.
  23. Create a portfolio site or blog.
  24. Watch motivating TED talks or online videos.
  25. Keep a list of personal references.

Hope these tips help you land a job! Go get ‘em tiger!


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