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Computer Update

Micromedics has restored the PC at clickwowdesigns to it’s original factory condition. The computer shuts down and sleeps properly, now. The damaged side panel (bezel) has been replaced free of charge. Costco customer service diligently provided status updates during the repair process. The computer arrived professionally packed, appearing and operating like new, inspiring faith in American business practices.

The hardware problem seemed to have stemmed from a computer malware virus. Here is a past missive describing the malware:

To: Malware Expert
From: clickwowdesigns

July 2011

Maybe you could help diagnosis my computer problem:

HP Pavillion Elite M9600t PC – 2009
Norton Antivirus Software
Firefox Browser – Popup Blockers
Windows Vista – Windows Defender

To sync my new iPad to my HP PC, I went to the Apple website: itunes/download.

I immediately got a popup from HP telling me to download Driver Robot Squad to detect missing drivers. I clicked on the button to download the program which ran a scan on my PC.(mistake?)

I then got a series of forms from different companies, including one from Walmart saying I won a $1000 shopping spree. The form asked me for my cell phone number, which I stupidly typed in.

I immediately started receiving spam text messages on my cell phone, and spam in my email Inbox on my computer. I called my cell phone and email providers to block the spam.

2 months later, my PC network adapter drivers (LAN drivers) were missing and I could not access the Internet.

Then, I could not turn off my PC and when I put it in sleep mode, it wouldn’t wake up.

Costco tech team did a full factory disk recovery, saying it would restore the PC to new, and override any virus. But, the problem persisted, so Costco diagnosed it as a hardware problem.

What do you think???

Have any of you web designers or developers encountered this type of malware? What did you do to fix your computer? Hope this blog post inspires you to safeguard your computer and mobile devices against malware and virus attacks.

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