sheri yee mandala

Mandalas intrigue me. I recently took a class with Renee Keady to learn how to draw mandalas (see my creation above). I learned to always return to my core or center, from which peace, harmony, and divine power stem from. As my design grew, radiating outward, I felt free, but always returned to my core to find balance and consistency.

The detail, symmetry, and repetitive motif of mandalas put me in a meditative trance. I found that hand-drawn mandalas connect me to the higher consciousness, more than computer generated ones.

Tibetan monks spend hours creating intricate designs, only to see them destroyed in the end. This impermanence of creation and destruction provokes contemplation.

Tibetan Mandala

tibetan mandala1

tibetan mandala2

Applying colored sand to a mandala design

tibetan monks create colorful mandalas composed of millions of grains of sand

Monks making mandalas

Japanese Artist, Riu

japanese artist mandalas with swivel knife 1

Using a swivel knife to cut a mandala design

japanese artist mandalas with swivel knife 2

japanese artist mandalas with swivel knife 3

Like mandalas, I find web design impermanence, transcendent.


Japanese mandalas with swivel knife
Tibetan Sand Mandalas
Mandalas Brusheezy – Free Photoshop brushes
Tibetan Mandala Source: Google Images

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