As John Greenleaf Whittier once said,

“Swan flocks of lilies shoreward lying,
In sweetness, not in music, dying.”

In many cultures, the water lily symbolizes love, purity and resurrection. In Bernard Weston‘s painting, the red water lily adds an element of surprise to a blue canvas pond. The red represents love, the water represents purity and the depiction of nature represents resurrection or new life.

Inspired by water lilies, I went on Adobe Color CC and found these water lily color palettes:

adobe color cc water lily

Here is my pin board: Water Lily

Can you resurrect an old website from the dead and bring it to life with love and purity?

water lily1

water lily2

Here are my photos of water lilies from Mission San Juan Capistrano. They represent nature and I wish you a Happy Earth Day!


Capstone Art – Image Source
Adobe Color CC – Interactive color wheel

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