inspire butterfly

Inspire = In Spirit.

I feel most inspired when I’m connected to the Higher Spirit, the Universe, or “God.” Here’s how it works: In making design decisions, I’ll first thank the Universe, then open myself up to receiving infinite possibilities. I will then go about my daily life. Gradually, little things will attract my attention. These little things will call out to me (and sometimes shout). I often will feel a stirring in my soul, a recognition, or strong connection to these little things. This tells me that it is the answer, or worth pursuing further.

Often times these little things are humorously amusing. When they tickle my funny bone and I laugh out loud, I know for sure that the Universe is seriously trying to tell me something.

One day during the summer, for instance, as I was brainstorming for ideas for my website background, a giant beach ball in my neighbor’s yard caught my eye. And, that same morning, a newspaper photo of an Olympic beach volleyball reminded me of Tom Hank’s “Wilson” and made me laugh. These balls, suddenly appearing on my radar, inspired me to use circles as my website background. That is how divine inspiration influences my designs.

So, in summary, I would say the infinite, vast and abundant Universe inspires me. I enjoy the surprises, thrills and wonder that the Universe brings each day!

(photo by clickwowdesigns)

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