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Once you have traffic to your website or blog, you may want to consider an email management tool called, MailChimp.

What it is

mail chimp home

MailChimp homepage

Free email marketing service for 2,000 contacts or less. Paid accounts are offered for large volume contact lists. Design, send, and track HTML email campaigns with this simple tool.

Steps to Creating an Account:

  • Sign up free
  • Fill out form
  • Create My Account
  • Check Email
  • Activate Account
  • Confirm Sign Up
  • Login
  • Fill out your name and address to comply with the CAN SPAM Act

From the Dashboard, 3 Easy Steps:

mail chimp dashboard

MailChimp dashboard

  1. Create A Subscription List (Your contacts)
  2. Design A Sign Up Form (For placement on your website)
  3. Create and Send Campaigns (Blast Away, Baby!)

Choose an E-mail Template:

mail chimp email template gallery

MailChimp template gallery

Choose a template to email a newsletter, coupon, flyer or anything else you want to customize.

Fill in your information

mail chimp email template

MailChimp email template - Design Genius

Use Design Genius to fill in email blast information. MailChimp also offers Google Analytics and tracking of your email lists. Video tutorials help you every step of the way. Go Bananas with email marketing from MailChimp.

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