wabisabi cat

In the book, Wabi-Sabi, a cat sets out on a journey to find the meaning of her name. The Japanese concept, “Wabi-Sabi” translates to “beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete,” where natural idiosyncrasies, simplicity and asymmetry are revered. Cultivate web design inspiration from Wabi-Sabi, as found in the unfinished splendor of open source code, or the artistry of the iteration process.

CSS Zen Garden

CSS Zen Garden – a gallery of websites with the same HTML code, but different CSS Style Sheets – provides Wabi-Sabi inspiration in the simplicity and uniqueness of each design. Here are 3 examples of Wabi-Sabi from CSS Zen Garden:


 css zen garden under the sea

Wabi-Sabi principles are portrayed in this asymmetrical design.

Simplicity and Nature

css zen garden orchid

The simplicity and use of nature reflect Wabi-Sabi.


css zen garden kyoto forest

The overlapping images give a Wabi-Sabi feel to this composition.

wabisabi collage

In the photos above, Wabi-Sabi imperfect beauty can be found in the crooked fence; the jagged, coiled barbed wire; and the plastic bottle next to the bird. Can you appreciate the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic?


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