WordPress started out primarily as a blog platform, but quickly grew into a popular Content Management System, supporting both simple and complex websites. NASA uses WordPress (so, it MUST be good)!

You can choose from thousands of templates and plugins to express yourself or your business online.

If you are a web design beginner, you can choose a basic template, add your graphics, fill in your own copy and showcase your services with a live website in less than a week.


If you have advanced web design or development skills, you can customize any template to fit your personality. It helps to have some SQL and PHP knowledge, since WordPress is built upon these languages. But, for cosmetic, stylistic customizing, basic HTML and CSS skills will do.

You can also buy customized and advanced templates, which include things like e-commerce and responsive design, for around $150 each.

It’s Free

Basic WordPress is free! You can use a standard template and free WordPress hosting, but the word, “wordpress,” will appear in your URL. (Example: yourName.wordpress.com) If this is OK, click to download wordpress.com.

If you want your own domain name (without “wordpress” in your URL address), you have to register and purchase it from a company like GoDaddy. Then, click to download wordpress.org. to have a WordPress theme, under your own domain. (Example: yourName.com)

Join the Fun

WordPress developers keep upgrading the open source system to maintain it’s integrity and security. Furthermore, most WordPress templates have SEO functions built into them. Plugins, for just about any web design function, are available and updated regularly. These WordPress features make life easy for a newbie web designer.

Choose WordPress – a simple, reliable, affordable Content Management System.

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