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The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles, Book Two) – Rick Riordan:

“Each new dawn is a new world”

Studies say that people have optimal creative energy at certain periods of time associated with their unique biorhythms. I happen to be a morning person. Maybe it has to do with being born around 5am. I don’t know!?

Normally, if my schedule permits, I go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 5am. My brain works best before the sun rises. The fresh crisp air, peaceful stillness, and silent calm of dawn inspires me. My ideas emerge with the rising sun. As morning illuminates my room, I’m either deep in the zone, or finished with my project.

For peak performance, when I have to code for websites, or tap into the dream-like inspirational flow, I hit the sack at 7pm and wake up at 3am. It may seem weird, but it really works for me.

How about you? When do you get your creative burst of inspiration? Are you a morning or night person?


dawn banner

PS – Here is another version of my Dawn banner. I used the “Real-Life, Dirty Window Grain Effect,” combined with the “Real-Life, Shaky Hand Effect.”


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