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When designing websites or graphics, does it help to have a visual aid for fonts? Well, here are 5 user-friendly, font type tools.



Freely preview words, side by side, with fonts installed on your computer.

Typecast (Beta)


Preview type in the browser and examine readability, rendering and aesthetics.

Adobe Typekit

adobe typekit

adobe typekit

Adobe Typekit provides subscription based fonts for your website. Preview letter or words with Adobe fonts, side by side, on the Typekit website.

Adobe Illustrator Text Tool

adobe illustrator type tool

Select text on the screen/Highlight the font name in the Character toolbar/Use the down arrow key on the keyboard to preview and change the font.

adobe illustrator type character palette

Or, go to the Character palette/Click on the down arrow to the right of the font name/See a sample of the font.

Google Web Fonts

google web fonts home

Preview sentences with Google Web Fonts. Then, copy and paste the codes for the fonts you like, into your website. The fonts are stored on Google servers. Also, contribute your own typefaces to the Google collection.

google web fonts poster

For interesting pairings of Google fonts: Go to Google Web Fonts/Click on the Poster Tab/Hover over a font/Click the “2 squares.” Sometimes these visual pairings (like ice cream and cake) generate sweet ideas and inspire beautiful web designs.

google web fonts pairings


Free Creative Fonts for Designers
iPad Font Maker App – Create fonts in 5 minutes!
LetterMpress – mpressInteractive – Used to create the banner on this post.

(clipboard image credit: stx.hu)

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